Hello, I'm nick Collingwood.


I am a motion designer by trade but I am an enthusiast of all things film. And capturing life on film is a unique and beautiful experience.

My love for using vintage cameras began in art school and has since turned into an obsession. I have countless vintage cameras at home both for decoration and use. With film, I love the challenge that it presents because of the limited number of images or moments you can capture. It really forces you to wait for the right moments and I honestly just love the way film looks and feels.

I have used Polaroids and Super 8 to capture all sorts of moments in my life and others as well. From weddings to travel to my own engagement, wedding and honeymoon. These are images you will cherish forever so why not make them unique, nostalgic and awesome!

I would love to share my passion for vintage photography with you so let's chat!

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