NYC Snowstorm 2017 // Super 8

It seems as though New York is intent on making giant blizzards in late January an annual thing and to be honest, I'm totally ok with that. Despite it now being slightly warmer temperatures and I'm excited for summer to be here, I really love the snow and most of all, I freaking LOVE sledding. It's so much fun. Plus Central's Park's main sledding hill is absolutely gnarly, both in speed as well as carnage. It gets pretty packed on a nice day, post-blizzard so there's plenty of aimless people wandering around at the bottom of the hill waiting to be wiped out by a screaming banshee of a child, sledding down the hill. It's truly quite a sight!

So once the blizzard was in full swing, I chose to once again document it on Super 8 like I did last year in this Super 8 film, hand processed in buckets. This year I opted to use both my Canon 814XL and my Canon 814XL-S (different cameras...) and see how they handled it. The film looks absolutely fantastic and seeing people braving the weather in Brooklyn or sled down a giant hill on Super 8 is pretty dang heartwarming if you ask me. At the same time, the first part of the film in Brooklyn was during the intense part of the blizzard and my hands were absolutely throbbing and I had to make a dash home to recover and thaw!

But speaking of (heart)warming, for the second day of filming, I eagerly pushed my wife out the door to go sledding and our friend Rakan decided to join us for sledding. His reason? Because he had NEVER GONE SLEDDING before. Growing up in Miami deprives people of some of the simplest joys in life (i.e. sledding). You can see him a few times in the later half of the video coming down or a shot of him literally running up the hill to go again. That is happiness right there! Worth the effort every snow storm. See you on the slopes next year!