Pekky Savan "Dear Lorin" // 16mm

It’s here! My first 16mm music video. And it’s for the rad, Pekky Savan, who I’ve worked with before on a Super 8 music video shot on Coney Island last year. This new video is for her newly released single “Dear Lorin”.

Cinematographer: Nick Collingwood

Director: Stephanie Haller

Art Direction: Halla Creative

PA: Tyler MacDonald

My wife, directed the video and her brand, Halla Creative did all of the art direction for the video including styling, drawing the awesome overhead projection and all the other little touches that make the look complete. The film was shot using an old hand-crank, Russian Krasnogorsk-3 (K-3 for short) 16mm camera and expired Kodak Vision3 500T film both supplied to me via Mono No Aware.

Crown Graphic 4x5 | Kodak Tri-X 320 film (expired)

We also ended up shooting a few Instax shots with my Lomo Instant Square during the shoot and I just so happened to be borrowing a friends Crown Graphic 4x5 camera and some expired black and white film so I snapped a quick portrait of Pekky on set. So enjoy the video. Enjoy the instant shots. And I’ll toss in a few production stills and 16mm scans.